Air 10s Commander

For Canon, Nikon, Sony,
Fujifilm, Olympus/Panasonic


Nissin Air10s Commander

For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm & Olympus/Panasonic Camera Systems

Nissin Air System Transmission

The Nissin Air10s system features a simple and clear dial layout with a color LCD display. This allows the user to seamlessly and quickly control a large group of flashes from a dark indoor studio to a bright outdoor envirnoment. It can wirelessly control the NAS-Ready flashes (i60A and Di700A) and the Air R receiver from as far away as 109 yards regardless of obstacle limitations. The Air10s, which weighs only 2.5 oz. (without batteries) has been equipped with a Micro SD card slot that makes it easy to update the device. Nissin plans on putting a Micro SD card slot on all future flashes and commanders.

Pair and control
A "TTL Memory Function" memorizes the exposure during a TTL Mode shoot, allowing for a one-touch switch to manual mode. You can save time during the strobe's set-up as the device takes the TTL exposure data, calculates the individual output internally and transforms the exposure data into manual mode for advance adjustment.

Flexible combinations
Nissin's Open Mode allows for multiple Air10s units to pair with the same group of flashes, eliminating the need to re-pair devices. Even if cameras are changed, the same settings can be used as the shoot continues. This convenient functionality allows multiple cameras and commanders to share a common group of NAS flashes.

Crossover control means you enjoy full control of different versions of NAS strobes. Even if your Air10s has aSony mount, it is possible to pair it with Canon, Nikon and other differing versions of NAS flashes (i60A, Di700A).

Selector dial and color LCD display
The combination of color LCD display and selector dial provides the user with an extremely convenient way to take full control of the flashes paired within the NAS system, even in brightly lit situations.

Focus assist light
The focus assist light provides an additional source of light to assist the autofocus in low-light situations. (1)

Metal hotshoe and quick release button (2)
The Air10s Commander has a durable metal hotshoe and features a quick release button. It is easy to attach to your camera and reduces the risk of damage caused by frequent or quick installation.

High-speed synchronization
Supports up to 1/8000 second shutter speeds. (3)
  • - For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm & Olympus/Panasonic camera systems
  • - Manual zoom from 24 - 200 mm (35 mm CCD format)
  • - Color LCD display with dial control
  • - TTL compensation at 1/3EV steps
  • - 8 channels / 8 groups
  • - Radio transmission range up to 109 yards
  • - High-speed sync up to 1/8000 sec.
  • - Built-in AF assist light (4)
  • - Micro SD slot for firmware upgrades
  • - Metal hotshoe and quick release button (2)
  • - Operates with only two AAA batteries (not included)

(1) Does not function with Sony cameras.
(2) Not available for Sony cameras.
(3) The maximum synchronization speed depends upon the camera model - High speed sync is available only for compatible cameras. Please refer to the compatibility chart.
(4) The AF assist light will not activate when the camera body has a built-in AF assist beam.

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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