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Nissin Di600

For Canon and Nikon Camera Systems

The powerful digital TTL flash

This product has been discontinued.

The powerful and lightweight Nissin Di600 weighs only 11 oz. (1), and can be very useful even in daylight situations to decrease shade under trees, as a fill-in to sharpen contrast on the subject or even freeze motion at sporting events. Compatible with Canon's E-TTL / E-TTL II and Nikon's i-TTL systems (2), the integrated TTL capability can control the amount of light with greater precision and stability. The flash output of GN 44 at 105 mm and GN 32 at 35 mm provides just the right amount of light for nearly every situation.

Professional flash head design
The flash head rotates 270° horizontally from left to right, and tilts upwards to 90° making bounce shooting more arbitrary and maximizing the angles that can be used.

Power zoom
The Nissin Di600 supports a 24-105 mm automatic zoom. When zooming with your camera's lens, the light distribution angle is automatically adjusted at exactly the same speed as the camera manufacturer's original flash model.

Variable power
When using the manual EV mode, choose from one of the six variable powers for the best lighting effect. The power level is provided from full (GN 44) down to 1/32 power in 1.0EV increments.

Slave Mode
The Di600 can be used as a wireless remote slave unit. The three slave modes include:

  • - Slave Digital (SD): The Di600 synchronizes to the pre-flash system. The master flash should be set to TTL mode (E-TTL for Canon and i-TTL for Nikon).
  • - Slave Film (SF): The Di600 can be synchronized with traditional single flash systems such as studio lighting systems and most standard flash units on the market.
  • - Wireless TTL: The Di600 can be synchronized to function as a wireless remote flash system. The master flash should be set to Channel 1 Group A in wireless remote mode.
Sync contact
The Di600's standard 3.5 mm PC sync socket can be used to synchronize the flash for use when off-camera.

TTL flash level compensation
The power of the flash can be regulated using the TTL flash level compensation. Whereas the total exposure is controlled by the camera's EV compensation function, the flash can compensate for exposure on the main subject only, with little impact on the exposure of the background scene. The flash power level can be adjusted from -1.5EV to +1.5EV in 0.5EV steps.

NISSIN original "My TTL" setting
The TTL flash power level is pre-set for normal exposure at the factory. However, you can set the desired exposure level to ±0.75 EV in 0.25 EV increments. The pre-set value is then memorized as your personal standard even after switching the unit off. The TTL flash compensation will now work based on this customized setting.

Four AA batteries (not included)
The Di600 operates with 4 AA batteries to shorten recycling time and reduce the need to change batteries frequently.
  • - For Canon and Nikon camera systems
  • - GN 44 (105 mm) / GN 32 (35 mm) at ISO 100
  • - Focal length coverage 24 - 105 mm (35 mm CCD format)
  • - Built-in wide angle diffuser
  • - Professional flash head design
  • - Built-in AF assist light
  • - Rear curtain sync
  • - FE / FV lock
  • - Wireless TTL slave
  • - Red eye reduction
  • - Operates with only four AA batteries (not included)

(1) Weight excluding batteries and soft box.
(2) The synchronization speed depends on the camera model. Please refer to the compatibility chart.

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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