Important information concerning service and repair of Nissin Grey-Market products in the USA

New England Imaging Distribution is the Official Authorized Distributor for Nissin Digital flashes and accessory products in the USA. As the exclusive distributor for Nissin products, New England Imaging Distribution offers an exclusive two-year limited warranty on products officially imported into the USA by New England Imaging Distribution.  

What is a grey market product? A grey market product is an item which is intended to be sold in a market other than the USA. It is not imported by the official distributor, but rather brought in by an unauthorized importer.

New England Imaging Distribution will not service or repair any Nissin product which was NOT imported into the USA by New England Imaging Distribution.  This means that there will be no customer support, repair service or firmware upgrades provided for grey market products. Should service be required for a grey market product, the owner must return the merchandise to the non-authorized dealer from whom they purchased it.

Authentic Nissin USA Product  

To determine if the Nissin product that you have or plan to purchase is an authentic USA imported product, you can view the label of the box. If it is an authentic USA imported product the label will state, “Exclusive 2 year USA Warranty on Nissin Flashes.”  Additionally, for all Nissin Flashes, Air 1 Commanders, Air Receivers and PS8 Battery Packs, the USA UPC Code will begin with 855747. See sample below. Additionally, the product will come with a Nissin USA warranty card.

If it does not have this label, then it is a grey market product and is not eligible for any service, support or USA promotions or rebates from New England Imaging Distribution.

To find out if you are purchasing an Authentic NISSIN USA product from an authorized USA dealer, you may Call New England Imaging Distribution at 603-504-6317.

Grey Market Risk

While looking for Nissin products to purchase, you may find offers from non-authorized USA dealers or even dealers from outside the USA. This product was not imported by the official USA distributor and therefore contains no USA warranty. These products are referred to as grey market products and may have quality issues.

Because it is unknown how these grey market products have been stored, shipped or even if previously used, New England Imaging Distribution does not offer any service for such items even if the owner is willing to pay for such service.

Should you have a grey market item which requires support or service, you must return it to the dealer from whom it was originally purchased.