For Canon, Nikon


Nissin MF18

For Canon & Nikon Camera Systems

The powerful macro ring flash with expandable head

The versatile Nissin MF18 is specifically designed for macro photography, but can even be used in portrait photography as an outdoor fill-in flash. While in manual mode, the revolutionary fine macro technology can be adjusted from 1/128 to 1/1024 in 1/6EV steps to achieve a uniform lighting of your subject when shooting high sensitive images. The power ratio control can be adjusted independently on each side to produce unique lighting effects. Compatible with Canon's E-TTL / E-TTL II and Nikon's i-TTL systems, the integrated TTL capability can control the amount of light with greater precision and stability, which can be especially useful in portrait situations. The flash output of GN 16 at ISO provides just the right amount of light for nearly every situation.

Expandable flash head
The ring head can be attached to any lens with a filter thread diameter from 49 to 82 mm. Expanding the ring head can eliminate the problem of vignetting and hidden corners in macro photography. Included with the flash are adaptor rings 52, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77 mm (49, 55 and 82 mm can be purchased optionally).

Rotating color display
The color display will automatically turn 90° when changing your camera from a horizontal to vertical position to provide a continued user-friendly operation and to ease setting the various functions – Auto, TTL, Wireless TTL (Master), Fine Macro, Manual and Custom.

Modeling LED
The LED focus lamps with light power ratio control makes it easier to focus on the subject when during macro photography. The brightness of each side indicates the flash power ratio setting to provide a preview of the effect the light will have on your subject.

Sync contact
The MF18's standard 3.5 mm PC sync socket can be used to synchronize the flash for use when off-camera.

TTL flash level compensation
The MF18 can be used as a master flash to control slave groups A and C with ±3.0EV compensation settings and can be perfectly combined with most Nissin flash units or original Canon/Nikon flashes to create more dynamic lighting effects. In wireless TTL mode, Group C can function as a slave flash setting and the EV compensation can be independently adjusted. However, the MF18 only supports Groups A or C in slave mode.

NISSIN original "My TTL" setting
The TTL flash power level is pre-set for normal exposure at the factory. However, you can set the desired exposure level to ±3EV in 1/3 increments. The pre-set value is then memorized as your personal standard even after switching the unit off. The TTL flash compensation will now work based on this customized setting.

Four AA batteries (not included)
The MF18 operates with 4 AA batteries to shorten recycling time and reduce the need to change batteries frequently.

  • - For Canon & Nikon camera systems
  • - GN 16 at ISO 100
  • - Focal length coverage 80° x 80°
  • - LED modelling lamps
  • - Expandable flash head
  • - Rear curtain sync
  • - FE / FV lock
  • - Wireless TTL / slave
  • - External power pack socket (for PS 300 or Canon / Nikon originals)
  • - X-socket for external flash synchronization
  • - Comes with adapter rings 52, 58 , 62, 67, 72 & 77 mm (49, 55 and 82 mm can be purchased separately)
  • - Operates with only four AA batteries (not included)

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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