PS 8 Power Pack

For Canon, Nikon, Sony


Nissin PS 8

For Canon, Nikon, Sony Camera Systems

The PS8 can also be used with the Fujifilm and Olympus/Panasonic versions of the Di 700A and i60A flash units.
Please order the PS 8 for Sony if you intend to use it with your Di 700A or i60A flash units.

The new generation of flash power packs

The Nissin Power Pack PS 8 is an external high power booster for professional electronic flash units and is specially designed for on-the-go photographers to increase creativity and flexibility while underway. Combining the PS 8 with the Nissin NAS system can further broaden possible applications to provide a truly joyful shooting experience for professional and amateur photographers in any situation.

Compact and lightweight
The compact design and improved core boosting circuit ingeneously packed into a high-impact plastic housing makes the PS 8 an extremely light and high performing power pack that can be carried with the shoulder strap or attached to a belt for long periods of time.

Quick-loading battery cartridge
Included with the PS 8 is the extremely lightweight 3,000 mAh NiMH battery cartridge. Additional batteries can be purchased to extend on-location shooting times - the battery can be quickly exchanged at any time.

Battery level indication LED
If the LED indication lamp at the top of the body is green, the battery is fully charged. If the battery level is less than or equal to 30%, it turns from green to red - if the LED begins to blink, this means that the battery is nearly discharged.

USB socket
With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet devices, photographers often have to carry back-up power stations for these devices. The ingeneous design of Nissin PS 8 provides a USB charging socket which supports DC 5V 2A output. It can also be used as a fast charging device for image data transfers or even smartphones and tablets in the case of an emergency.(1)

High Speed charging
Only about 0.7 seconds are needed to recharge the Nissin MG8000, Di866 Mark II and MF18 macro ring flash units.

A fully charged NiMH battery (3,000 mAh) can provide up to 550 times full power output, and discharge at approximately 500 cycles.

Maximize the utilization
Two power sockets enable the photographer to work with 2 flashes at the same time. Combine those two flashes with Nissin's NAS system and the lighting possibilities will become endless!

  • - For Canon, Nikon & Sony camera systems (2)
  • - Compact and lightweight design
  • - Quick loading battery cartridge
  • - 2 flash power sockets
  • - LED battery level indicator
  • - USB charging port, DC 5V 2A output
  • - High speed charging
  • - 3,000 mAh NiMH battery cartridge for up to 550 cycles
  • - Comes with soft case, carrying strap, AC charging cable & adapter

(1) The maximum output current is 2A. In general, two charges for an iPhone or iPad to about 40% (with fully charged battery cartridge).
(2) Can also be used with Fujifilm and Four Third camera systems using a Sony-type cable. For use with these two systems, please order for Sony.

Notice: Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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